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The Bible has so much to teach us about living and leading well. In fact, Christian masculinity is a reflection how Christ lived and modeled his way of life. To truly be men of integrity, we must study to show ourselves approved.Check out the following blog titles to get started!
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Chocolate Crosses for $6.99

Recently, I went to the store to buy some Easter candy for my wife. This was a serious mission. I don’t have to tell you that Peeps weren’t going to get the job done. As I skimmed the aisle for some Christ-centered Cadbury, I was struck by a small box of chocolate crosses. The crosses […]

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How to Get Godly Inspiration at Work - The Daniel Principle

You’re stuck. You check a few blogs. Watch a few YouTube videos; maybe even look to see how someone else has done the job — but no good ideas come to you. The lights are off in the imagination department and you can’t finish the job. Have you been there before? Have you ever needed to […]

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How to Find The Fruit of The Spirit at Work

Do you speak Christianese? It’s a unique language; with a platitude for everything under the liturgical sun. In fact, there are so many of these triune-turns-of-phrase you might consider removing the hedge of protection around them, if the Lord led. But I digress. Regardless of whether you like to hedge your bets, or prefer to […]

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How to get revelation for your business and career

Who doesn’t want to do great things? Perhaps you want to build a business, have a successful career, or make a new idea come into fruition. Any one of those desires can be noble and God-honoring.  But if you want to do great things, or bring anything worthwhile into the world, then there is a […]

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How to "hack" responsibility you don't enjoy as a Christian man

“Be responsible.” is a slap-on-the-wrist-statement for most men. It’s normally used as a rebuke for not getting the job done like someone thinks we should. …not that you aren’t responsible. You probably are… But the act of responsibility, which is the obligation to do something or care for someone, is not just part of your job […]

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The Myth of Work Life Balance

Twice in the last week, I’ve been asked about work-life balance. Most recently, with a close friend over pancakes; early in the morning before either of our work days began. “How do you balance work with the rest of your life?” he said. The question always comes with a bit of background. Perhaps it’s a […]

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How to get practical, nine-to-five anointing

Anointing is a big word. A black hole even. It’s elusive, powerful, and hard to put your finger on. But it exists. And everyone else seems to know what it looks like. Most of the time those people are on stages. They sound good. They look sharp. They’re separated from the common man too. Which […]

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A Leadership Principle From King Jehoshaphat

Kings and careers and leaders and jobs are all appointed. Every role at work is a gift from God as well. Which means, when a situation at work arises that feels foreign, stressful, or threatening, we do not have to worry. There is a good outcome waiting for us. There is an invitation to experience […]

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The Theology of Thought Leadership

There are many types of thought leaders in the world. …Oprah …Deepak Chopra …the guy at the gym who just discovered plant-based protein. Just to name a few. And no matter your knowledge niche, there is always someone ready to give you their two cents, regardless of whether it pays to heed it. Which leaves […]

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Nonnegotiable ~ The 4 Daily Principles Every Man Needs To Be Successful

Integrity is a target. Our principles, the arrows. Integrity tends to be one of those things we think about after we’ve done something wrong. The absence of air. We know we need it. And we know great leaders have it. But for most of us, integrity is in the ether. In Church, we’ve limited it […]

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