Speaking — Pierce Brantley Pierce Brantley May 20, 2022

Brantley is a dynamic speaker—he uses the emotion of story, the power of data, and the influence of a master communicator to bring your audience into new revelations about how to live and run their businesses. Book Brantley and they will love your event.

From Pierce

Two Big Goals For Your Event

I want your audience to enjoy themselves.

10X on ticket price. That’s the value I want a person to feel they received from your event. So I’ll work closely with your team to make your event memorable for everyone.

I want your audience to learn something new.

“I’ve never heard that before!” That's the kind of viral, head spinning, can’t-fall-asleep statement that tells you a person is loving what they learn. I pack my talks full of never-heard-before moments so they remember your event and implement what they hear.

Answers to common travel questions

For Meeting Planners

  • One refundable airline ticket should be provided by the hiring company.
  • Hotel accommodations should be made at or near the event site for the evening before the event.
  • Transportation to / from the airport and the event site should be provided or reimbursed.
  • Pierce will go out of his way to make sure you have no headaches. No surprises and no exorbitant bills. He knows your reputation is on the line and will look to make it even better.
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