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Calling is the specific, set apart work God has predestined for you to do. You can awaken it at any job, with any boss, at any place in life.
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Find an abundant life at work

Our work lives can mess with our christ-mindedness. This means our goals at work can get in the way of Godly ambition and desire. Case in point: everything around us says to measure who we are and the success of what we do by the accolades we receive or the connections we have. These ideas can […]

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Can a "dead-end" job still have a calling?

You know how people say, “Hey, shut the door—were you raised in a barn?”  Well, I really was raised in a barn. (But I do shut the door after myself. Usually.) I grew up in the East Texas “piney woods.” Literally in a barn. The living situation was supposed to be only temporary, of course. […]

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Have you missed your calling?

The best I could do was a Sharpie marker.  It wasn’t shoe polish, but it would get the job done. Besides, you could really only tell the difference when the sun shone down on them directly. My other shoes had had the soles re-glued a handful of times and they still kept falling apart. The […]

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Awaken God's Purpose For Your WorkFree Chapter! Discover your calling at any job, with any boss, at any place in life.

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