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<h1>A podcast <strong>Christian business owners</strong> and <em>Kingdom Entrepreneurs</em></h1> <h2>Dedicated to entrepreneurial growth in faith, work, and money.</h2> Imagine your profits, your employees, your customers — every aspect of your business experienced an<em><strong> increase in freedom</strong></em>, both in commerce and Christ. As a Christian business owner, you can experience this too. Eternal Entrepreneurs are kingdom business leaders who can solve problems in the spiritual realm and manifest those outcomes in the physical world. Listen today to learn how! <h3><strong>The show has two episode formats:</strong></h3> <h4><strong>Lunch Breaks</strong></h4> Short, easy to digest episodes on business skill and spiritual discipline. <h5>Episode Time Length: Typically 10-20 minutes.</h5> <strong>Interviews Episodes</strong> Smart, curated discussions with the best spiritual and business thinkers in the Kingdom. <h5>Episode Time Length: Typically 45-60 minutes.</h5> This podcast covers a range of hot topics like christian business, Kingdom entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, faith-based startups, marketplace ministry, Jesus, faith, work, mission, christian business women, success, leadership, and money.
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How to Be Assertive When You're a Christian

Eternal Entrepreneur Podcast

Listen to Episode Can Kingdom Entrepreneurs be assertive without being overly aggressive or defaulting to anger? It’s a paradox. Christian business leaders need to be authoritative and assert themselves in all kinds of situations, but doing so can feel counter-intuitive. Don’t the meek inherit the earth? In this episode, Pierce Brantley unpacks a spiritual discipline and […]

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Ellis Hammond on How to Build Community

Eternal Entrepreneur Podcast, Ellis Hammond

Listen to Episode What does it take to build community, and what are the actions you should take to create a successful team or group within your Kingdom Business? In this episode, Ellis Hammond, Owner of Kingdom REI, the #1 Mastermind Community for Entrepreneurs and Investors, talks about his incredible journey to build a Christian […]

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Learn The Golden Rule of Goals as a Christian Business

In this episode, Pierce talks about his approach to setting goals and identifying the season God has you in as an entrepreneur.

Listen to Episode This episode covers how the concepts of goals, spiritual remembrance, prayer, and team planning are all linked together. Episode Transcription Hello again, thank you for joining us for lunch break. I am Pierce Brantley co-host of the Eternal Entrepreneur. Today we are talking about goals — setting goals, creating new goals, and […]

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How to Build a Kingdom Business as a Christian Entrepreneur

On this episode, Pierce teaches how to get divine, biblical revelation, innovate your business strategy, and build a business which gives glory to God.

Listen to Episode This episode covers the topics of faith, innovation, biblical revelation, Christian business, entrepreneurship, marketplace ministry, faith and work, business as mission. Episode Transcription Well, hello again, thank you for joining us for lunch break. I am Pierce Brantley, co-host of the Eternal Entrepreneur. And today we’re going to talk about innovation, revelation […]

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Learn to Hear God’s Voice as a Christian Business Owner

On this Lunch Break, Joe teaches a valuable lesson on how to get confidence in hearing God's voice.

Listen to Episode This episode covers the topics of Christian business, entrepreneurship, marketplace ministry, faith and work, business as mission, the Holy Spirit, confidence and prayer. Episode Transcription Hello, and welcome back to the Lunch Break. My name is Joe Newton, and I am the co-host of the Eternal Entrepreneur. Now Today, we’re gonna talk […]

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Top 50 Podcasts for Christian Business in 2021

Here is my list of the top christian business podcasts for 2021 — if you are a successful christian business owner or entrepreneur! I love Christian radio stations, but if you really want to accelerate your business, then you need lots of on-demand content to continually grow. To help you grow, we went out and […]

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