Top 50 Podcasts for Christian Business in 2022 (Updated) Pierce Brantley October 14, 2022

Top 50 Podcasts for Christian Business in 2022 (Updated)

Here is my list of the top christian business podcasts for 2022 — if you are a successful christian business owner or entrepreneur! I love Christian radio stations, but if you really want to accelerate your business, then you need lots of on-demand content to continually grow. To help you grow, we went out and found the very best inspirational business podcasts available. You won’t just find old favorites like Andy Stanley, Entreleadership, or the Faith Driven Entrepreneur either — you’ll also find some great up-and-comers, along with some helpful niche content too. Happy listening and enjoy!

#1 Renew Your Mind

With Kieran Lenahan
This show is for Christian entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, spend more time with family and keep discipleship. No noise. Just the mindset and strategy you need to run a thriving service-based business, advance the Kingdom in the marketplace, and keep your discipleship to Jesus at the forefront of your life. Kieran is a follower of Jesus, husband, foster dad, and lifelong athlete. Think of him as your Business Coach and Spiritual Director. Connect with Kieran on Instagram @kieranlenahancoaching and learn more at

Renew Your Mind - Kieran Lenahan - Best Podcast

#2 Eternal Entrepreneur

With Pierce Brantley, Joe Newton
Imagine your profits, your employees, your customers — every aspect of your business experienced an increase in freedom, both in commerce and Christ. This is what a Christian business owner has that others do not. Eternal Entrepreneurs can solve problems in the spiritual realm and manifest those outcomes in the physical world. Are we biased? Oh yes. Is the show awesome? — you betcha!

#3 Christian Women In Business

With Sarah-Jane Meeson
The show created a platform where women can come to be inspired, to learn from women who have been there and done that and know what it’s really like to run a business as a Christian and what it means for them.

#4 Christianity in Business

From Archie W. Dunham College of Business at HBU
Christianity in Business is a show that helps Christian business professionals integrate biblical values into business. The show goes deep on applying theological principles to the work force.

#5 Created For This

With Danielle Roberts
A podcast for Christian business owners and entrepreneurs, Created for This, weaves together business and Christian living. Hosted by Danielle Roberts, author of Created For This. She knows what it’s like to wrestle with the feeling of wanting to go deep with Jesus but not feel like there are hours in the day to make it happen.

#6 Kingdom Business Podcast

With Wez Hone
Wez activates Christian entrepreneurs to change culture, build businesses, and fund the Kingdom. In his podcast, Wez brings together Christian principles and biblical teachings with highly practical business advice.

#7 Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

With Andy Stanley
Andy has real wisdom that is applicable to leadership in any industry. The episodes are bite-sized and full of amazing content designed to help leaders go further, faster. Andy Stanley is a pastor, communicator, author, and the founder of North Point Ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia.

#8 Faith Driven Entrepreneur

Faith Driven Entrepreneur brings incredible business leaders from around the world to share how their faith affects their work. The podcast encourages, equips, empowers, and supports Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people.

#9 Christian Women’s Business Academy

With Damita McGhee
The Christian Women’s Business Academy Podcast is a show for God-fearing, high achieving women entrepreneurs. The show will challenge your view of what you have been taught business should look like and help you tap into business the way God designed it.

#10 The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

With Shae Bynes
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur will inspire you to do business completely yielded and in partnership with God. Shae speaks with business owners around the world about their experiences doing business led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

#11 Entreleadership

With Daniel Tardy
The EntreLeadership features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, and Jim Collins.

#12 Bottom Line Faith

With Ray Hilbert
This 30 minute weekly program, produced by Truth At Work, provides a unique look at how high-capacity Christian leaders live out their faith in the marketplace, how their faith influences how they deal with the issues they face as leaders, and how they address all the demands they face.

#13 Nine to Five

By WorkLight
Nine to Five podcasts are conversations with Christians who are actively seeking to align their careers with God’s mission. Each show is meant to challenge and encourage you through the testimony of other believers.

#14 iWork4Him

with Jim and Martha Brangenberg
This daily 30 minute broadcast, geared at business owners, will challenge the way you think about your faith and work. You’ll get practical, tactical, factual and healthy biblical challenge.

#15 Good Deads

with Dr. Renee Sunday
Dr. Sunday is internationally known as “The Platform Builder.” She helps faith-based entrepreneurs get their message out into the world through the media. Listen to her show for practical self-help and business advice.

#16 Business, Jesus and Sweet Tea

with Heather Heuman
A faith-based business podcast with a social media bend — listen to case studies, best practices and real stories of christian business owners and entrepreneurs just like you and learn how they overcame struggles and use social media marketing to grow their businesses.

#17 Theology of Business

with Darren Shearer
If you want to learn more about how to do business for the glory of God, this show is for you. “ToB” helps marketplace Christians partner with God in business to help you make disciples of your co-workers, your company, and your industry.

#18 Thrivepreneur

with Marta Samson
Marta has a show with everything you need to level up and thrive in the marketplace. Tune in weekly for solo and interview-based episodes for thriving development, marketing and business tips, motivation and success stories.

#19 Building a StoryBrand

with Donald Miller
Don and the StoryBrand team are the world’s leading experts in harnessing the 2,000 year-old proven power of story formulas to get people talking about your brand. Fans of the podcast love the fun and entertaining way the show brings practical advice about clarifying your message so customers will listen.

#20 Work Love Pray

with Diane Paddison
Diane’s show is full of real conversations about real issues women in the workplace face at work, at home, or in their church communities. The show shines a light on a much-needed aspect of the workforce in this generation.

#21 Convene Podcast

with Mark L. Vincent
Are you looking to learn from seasoned business executives? The Convene Podcast takes deep dives into a variety of Christian business leaders’ fields of expertise. Tune in to learn more on how to integrate better business practices and faith into your current work.

#22 10 Talent LeaderTalk

with Michael Sipe
Christian business leaders share wisdom and inspiring stories of God at work in their lives, with their families, in the companies they run, and in the lives of those they employ.

#23 Kingdom REI

with Ellis Hammond
We’ve had Ellis on the Eternal Entrepreneur show and he was fantastic! On his show, he brings on amazing Christian entrepreneurs to talk about godly ambition, what it takes to be successful in business, using capital as a means for influence, how to stay grounded in your faith while growing in business, and so much more!

#24 Thriving Christian Business

with Pete Mitchell & Dave Negri
Self-dubbed “The most valuable podcast on the planet for Christian Business Owners who want to honor Christ with their business!” — Pete and Dave bring a culture of honor and christ-centeredness to their show.

#25 Christian CEO

with Kelly Baader
Kelly helps Christian Entrepreneurs and High Achievers create profitable businesses by establishing their preeminent positioning in the marketplace, so they can finally become the influential change-makers they are called to be!

#26 Making it Work

with Leah Archibald, Mark Roberts
Through conversation, scripture and stories, the Making it Work podcast invites God into work’s biggest challenges, so that you can live out your purpose in the workplace.

#27 The Theology of Work

with Dr. Clint Le Bruyns
The original ToW (Theology of Work) podcast! They don’t update the show as often here, but the topics are still solid! True to their name, they bring a theological perspective to the work life.

#28 The Ray Edwards Show

with Ray Edwards
Edwards’ show is one of the top-rated business podcasts on iTunes created for small business owners, and those who want to start a business. The podcast episodes are published Wednesday morning each week. Check it out!

#29 The Christian Woman Business

with Esther Littlefield
As a successful christian business women, you want to grow your business, but you struggle with feeling like you have to do #allthethings, and you’re not sure where to focus. The show will help you focus and make an impact without compromising your faith.

#30 Faith Collides

from Lux Mundi
This show dives into the career stories of leading industry leaders, and how faith has played into their life at work. Each episode has a carefully crafted storytelling format, leaving listeners with industry insight and career aspirations for the work week ahead.

#31 Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

with Carey Nieuwhof
Carey’s show is all about leadership, change and personal growth. The goal? To help you lead like never before—in your business. The podcast features a mix of well-known and everyday leaders whose insights bring tremendous value to your development as a leader.

#32 The Redemptive Edge

with Andy Crouch
Andy talks with founders about the way their backgrounds have uniquely prepared them to work on the problems and opportunities they’ve chosen; and about how their Christian imagination and practices have shaped their work.

#33 Kingdom Success

with Tyler H. McCart
With over 100,000+ downloads, the Kingdom Success podcast will help you maximize your Kingdom potential in life and at work. If you are a business owner and you desire to be successful in life and at work God’s Way, then please tune in each week as you discover HOW to be a success God’s Way.

#34 God Centered Success

with Mia Rene
Mia designed a show for leaders in the business world who want to fulfill God’s calling on their life. Tune in each week for topics that are relevant to your life as a Christian entrepreneur and will fuel your faith with God’s word and truth for the week ahead.

#35 The Mompreneur Mastermind

with Stefanie Gass
Stefanie helps moms uncover their God-led callings, find clarity, launch successful businesses. She is obsessed with the idea that moms on a mission can create passive income businesses that light them up while creating more time and space.

#36 The Thriving Christian Artist

with Matt Tommey
Check out the official podcast of internationally recognized artist, speaker, author and mentor Matt Tommey. The Thriving Christian Artist Podcast is for artists who want to bust through roadblocks that have held them back and live as an artist in God’s Kingdom.

#37 BecomingCEO

with Kay Hillman
Kay has put together a great show for female entrepreneurs and business owners to help improve their marketing and social media strategy. Every week she shares tips and tricks about social media marketing, mindset, and sales strategy. You’ll learn how to start, grow, and scale a service based or coaching business — God’s way.

#38 Christian Business Insights

with Dave Kahle
CBI serves ‘out-of-the-box’ views on how to operate a Christian Businesses — designed to help you build a powerful business, expand your impact, and grow closer to God in the process.

#39 Faith Driven Investor

from Faith Driven Entrepreneur Faith Driven Investor is a growing movement of business leaders, fund managers, investors, and pastors that are driven by their faith and who believe that God owns it all and that he cares deeply about how we steward our investments. This is a second podcast from the great folks at FDE! 

#40 Your Purpose is Calling

with Dawn Sadler
Dawn has a wonderful podcast featuring conversations with Christians that are finding purpose, redefining work, and changing their world. She has over 20 years of corporate experience, 10 years as the owner of an award-winning marketing firm, and 5 years in Christian business ministry. Check out her show!

#41 The Entrepreneur’s Summit

with Roman Randall
The Entrepreneur’s Summit Podcast is for entrepreneurs and creatives who want to be successful in life, in business, and for the Lord Jesus Christ. The show includes interviews, Q&A’s, and “content jacks” — inspiring content to motivate your day.

#42 Success Habits of Christian Entrepreneurs

with Mike Holmes
Mike’s podcast focuses on this single idea: an entrepreneur is someone who “swims out” to the unknown to “grab hold of” unseen opportunities. A Christian Entrepreneur is one who does this to the glory of God!

#43 Exploring Series

with Shawn Bolz, Bob Hasson
On Exploring the Prophetic, Exploring the Industry, and Exploring the Marketplace co-hosted with Bob Hasson, Shawn interviews some of his close friends, entrepreneurs, and leaders from all different industries on how God’s voice has caused great change in their lives and the world around them.

#44 Business Done Right

with Seth Buechley
Do you want to grow a valuable business and avoid wasting years learning every lesson the hard way? Then discover the strategies and insights of winning leaders and organizations is critical to your success. Seth brings you these strategies in his premiere show.

#45 Christian Entrepreneur Podcast

with Annemarie Crossy
The show features daily conversations with Christian entrepreneurs to inspire and empower you to walk strongly in your faith, while you build a thriving business that honors God.

#46 Faith-Full Business

with Steve Schramm
Steve has cracked the code on how to be a high achiever while honoring and serving God, his guest’s stories will inspire you to do the same. The show desires to honor God above all, while recognizing that we can be high achievers, motivated leaders, and intensely passionate Bible-believers.

#47 The Faith and Work Podcast

from DIFW
The Faith & Work Podcast explores our everyday work in God’s world, and is produced and hosted by Denver Institute for Faith and Work.

#48 The Portfolio Life

with Jeff Goings
Jeff shares his thoughts and ideas to help you to pursue work that matters, make a difference, and discover your true voice. Give the show a listen!

#49 Lead to Win

With Michael Hyatt, Megan Hyatt Miller
From personal productivity to personal development, self-leadership to team leadership, and intentionality to influence, Michael’s show gives great insights and tools to win at work and succeed at life.

#50 Love and Respect

With Emerson Eggerichs, PhD and Jonathan Eggerichs, PsyD
Last, but not least! This podcast highlights discussions between pastor and clinical psychologist, father and son, that is certain to serve and encourage males and females alike. No one and no relationship, whether inside or outside the home, is off-limits. In a world where emotional intelligence matters more than ever, this show will serve your business well!

Best Christian Podcasts Summary

As a Christian Entrepreneur in training, we hope you’ve found this list of podcasts helpful for building your business in the new year. 2021 is full of potential, and with the right knowledge and spiritual perspective, I have no doubt you will succeed at what you do. In closing, consider a favorite verse of mine — Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” As you build your business, aim to establish it on the relationship you have with God, and dedicate your work to him. No amount of knowledge replaces the foundation you have in Christ.