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The Bible has so much to teach us about living and leading well. In fact, Christian masculinity is a reflection how Christ lived and modeled his way of life. To truly be men of integrity, we must study to show ourselves approved.Check out the following blog titles to get started!
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Christian Masculinity and David's Mighty Men

Masculinity is the possession of qualities traditionally associated with men. Which begs the question, what qualities should a Christian man consider? I remember the first time I read about David’s mighty men. One killed a lion with his bare hands; in a pit, in the snow. Another killed a giant. Another killed 800 men with […]

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How to find purpose and fulfillment in your job

Jobs can be draining. I’m sure that’s no surprise to you. They take up a third of our day (if not more) and require our constant effort to keep. No doubt, if you’re reading this, you are grateful for your work, but perhaps you never saw yourself working the grind you have. Or at least, […]

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