What is the best men’s devotional bible study in 2020? Pierce Brantley December 20, 2018

What Is The Best Christ Mens Biblical Devotional Study?

What is the best men’s devotional bible study?

(Can you even systematically study biblical concepts to grow spiritually?)

What is the best men’s devotional bible study? Perhaps more importantly, what should you study in scripture to steadily grow as a man of God?

It’s an important question.

And everyone seems to have a suggestion on which reading material is best. To date, there are as many as 8,000 different reading plans.

But that’s just numbers.

Most Christian men want to grow in their walk with God, be a better leader, and understand if the Bible applies to today’s challenges.

No doubt, you’re one of them, and you’re ready to grow.

So where do you start? Typically, scripture study falls into two categories

Bible Studies and Devotional Studies.

Sound confusing? Here’s the difference:

Men’s Bibles Studies

A bible study includes content which will help a man go deeper in the biblical text, understand historical context and get meaning from a passage of scripture. Typically, they include annotations and clarify certain words by putting them in context.

Men’s Devotional Studies

The goal of a devotional study is to help you apply biblical concepts to daily life. They include memorable anecdotes, analogies, and applicable quotations to get you thinking about how Scripture applies to you personally. The material appears with a passage of Scripture so the association is easily made.

But what if you could do both? Wouldn’t it be nice to get the value of scriptural context and a reading plan together?

“Yes!” is the resounding answer. Check.

So what about the content?

Should it be purpose driven, systematic theology, heavenly hermeneutics, apocalyptic end-times, mens living issues or simply a study on the psalms?

Again, there are endless options.

But there is a better approach.

The Mind of Christ.

Scripture is clear. When you received salvation, you became a new man. A man with a new way to think, act, and live. This new thinking influences everything.

Everyday occurrences like:

  • Stressful Work Environments
  • Marriage Difficulties
  • Career Decisions
  • Sin Habits
  • Conflict with Friends
  • Earning Income
  • Taking Care of your Family
  • Navigating Politicals

The Mind of Christ was given to you for this reason. You have to think differently if you are going to live differently. And the truth is, you need Jesus’ mindset to be successful.

You’re a new man, yes.

But if you’re like most men, the busyness of life makes it hard to identify when you’re thinking from a heavenly perspective.

…thankfully, scripture gives us three pillars for Christ-centered thoughts:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.
2 Timothy 1:7

Sound Judgment.

When you thinking patterns are grounded in power, or love, or sound judgment (some translations say sound mind), you are thinking just like Jesus did.

Pretty cool, right?

This is what it means to have the Mind of Christ, as Philippians 2:5–8 says.

John Piper has a great biblical study here, if you’re interested.

So how do you train yourself up in the Mind of Christ? With regular study, and stewardship.

My suggestion is weekly.

This gives you enough time to practice and still keep the ball moving.

…which is why I’m offering you a special challenge to do a devotional study with me.

Pet peeve: the word “devotional” feels a little too…passive?

Pet peeve: the word “devotional” feels a little too…passive?

Which is why I’m calling this free framework a “soul strategy.

It combines biblical study and devotional insight to move you towards the Mind of Christ.

Here’s how it works:

You use this soul strategy to grow spiritually by reading one power-packed excerpt per week.

The new, one-of-a-kind delivery, keeps you moving by covering each pillar on a monthly basis.

Each month, you will cover all three pillars – Power, Love, Sound Mind.

At the end of the year, you’ll be a stronger Christian man, and best of all, you’ll recognize the Mind of Christ within you.

It’s simple. It’s free. It’s designed to help you help yourself.

Here’s what other men are saying about this Biblical Devotional Study for Christian Men:

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So far, there have been thousands of men who have taken the challenge to grow spiritually.

Here are the benefits they’ve received:

  • NEW – Three-Pillar Framework
  • ONE DEVOTIONAL PER WEEK – Read one challenge per week! Apply this men’s devotional daily
  • EASY TO READ – It’s made for guys on the go. No Kumbaya’s included.
  • BIBLICALLY BASED – No Fluff. Everything is rooted in scripture
  • MEASURABLE GROWTH – Each month your Power, Love, and Soundness of Mind is strengthened

Now it’s your turn. You really can think through situations just like Jesus did. You can employ his thought process in to overcome, achieve and live abundantly.

But you have to take the initiative. Will you join us?


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