Welcome to The Show Pierce Brantley December 7, 2020

Thank you for being a guest on the Eternal Entrepreneur podcast! Joe and Pierce are honored to have you join them as we take business leaders on a journey to greater knowledge and freedom in Christ.

Here’s a quick video to get you started:

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Show Details

What: The Eternal Entrepreneur podcast gives business leaders the stories and strategies they need to gain freedom as a faith-based business owner. We find the best leaders, with the greatest impact and experience, to help them on their way. 

Where: We host the show on iTunes and Spotify, plus most major podcast outlets. 

When: We’ll record the show at the time you selected earlier. Your show is usually live within a month.

How: Click on the Zoom link in the calendar invite you received. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you’ll need to allow to time to download the application first before the show. Test your video and audio. Joe and Pierce will start the call shortly after you join. 

Video & Audio

Minimum Requirements

Audio: Wear headphones with a mic close to your mouth or something like Apple AirPods. 

Best Case Scenario

Audio: Use a professional microphone and separate headphones. Be sure they are compatible with Zoom before the show.

Video: Video is optional, but we love connection that comes from meeting our guests face-to-face. If you opt for video, we may use the content in social media and advertising. Please use a HD webcam. 

Show Structure

Our recording starts with an audio bumper from you, our guest. We find this personal invitation from you draws listeners in to the entire experience. We also find this helps to set up your story.

We believe people learn best through story, and for the Christian, there is the added benefit of being encouraged through testimony — the combination of a personal story and a personal God. We like to unpack your story at the beginning of the show so our listeners can get to know you better.

From there, we’ll showcase your business expertise and give you time to share your knowledge. 

We’ll wrap up the show with Joe’s famous “Final Five” five questions which help the listens feel like they can see into your world (Be sure to have you answers ready! You should receive the questions in a separate email.)

Show Audience

The Eternal Entrepreneur is focused on small business owners and solopreneurs, with revenues between $1-10m, who desire to run a godly and growing company. With each show, we aim to give listeners a healthy dose of both spiritual insight and business value they can immediately apply to their company.

Final Thoughts

We’re here for you! We want to make sure you have everything you need before the show. If you need to reschedule, use the link in your calendar. If you have any questions email us here.