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Hello and welcome!

I’m so happy you stopped by. My hope is that, while you’re here, you learn more about the “Holy Hustle” to which you’ve been called. Every man, even yourself, has a role to play in Kingdom work. There is not a man alive who doesn’t have a called-career, pre-assigned by the Almighty, to live out with his time on earth.

Here is a little bit about my “work and worship” journey so far:

I am the author of Creating Heroes: The 10 Tactics of Client Leadership and Organizational Management and Power. Love. Sound Mind. Biblical Devotional Study for Christian Men. Through each book, I leverage my dual calling in business development and Christian men’s leadership to guide men toward success—whether on the job or in the home.

Before the age of twenty-six, I’d launched, run, and sold a consulting company, was a VP of a top ten PR firm in Dallas, and taught companies nationwide about using Christ-centered business principles. Since then, I’ve consulted Fortune 500 companies like Panasonic, United Healthcare, Corning, Ericsson, and more.

But I don’t account this success to himself. I know better. As the oldest of nine children, I grew up in the boondocks of East Texas and well below the poverty line. Total reliance on God, the need to provide for my family, and a strong work ethic borne of necessity, resulted in my drive.

Today, I put that same intense motivation into teaching men how to lead themselves and their families well. I’m also happily married to my wife, Kristie, in Dallas, TX.

Here are things I write about:

  • Being a Christian in the workplace
  • Equipping yourself to lead like Christ
  • Managing your business as a Christian
  • Stewarding your life well
  • Having a Christian perspective on current affairs

I like to discuss what the Father has shown me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Here are some other guys I trust. If you’re interested. This list is good too.

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